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Details Magazine article upsetting Asian American community
from jesse
no need for words of this dispicable article on details april issue. >>

Long Live The man of 2001!!
by paladin
A little ranting about the females contributed by paladin ... >>

Water vs. Coca-Cola
from Jenny
Some very interesting data, perhaps true to some extent ... >>

Make The Difference
from Theresa
Here is a touching little short story ... >>

The Presumptuous, Egocentric, Psycho Stalker From Hell
by BaddGrrl
A little online stalker drama from the pages of ... >>

Oracle CEO speech to Yale undergrads
from achoo
".. as I look out before me today, I don't see a thousand hopes for a bright tomorrow. I don't see a thousand future leaders in a thousand industries. I see a thousand losers." >>

NYC in One Day
by Peter
Doing NYC in one day!!! >>

by Bubbles
A real-life story about overdosing on e. >>

How much caffeine is in your soda?
from BChan
Here is a comparison list of caffeine content in soft drinks. Sorry, coffee is not in the list. >>

Research For The Masses
from LemonTree28
If you pass gas consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb. >>

Dating Advice from Josh
by Josh
As stated by the title, here's some very interesting relationship advices from the male point of view. >>

Love and Rockets
by Cherry Wong
With Valentine's coming, here is a story of some interesting experiences of that day.
Warning, explicit sexual language used.(that should make all you horndogs click right away ) >>

Crazy Landlord
by Emp
A real life story about a very bizarre "Real World" experience. Yet another roommate horror story. >>

"Getting Even"
by Anonymous
Here is a little story I received anonymously. Another weird roommate situation. I will write up a "real-life story regarding this topic shortly.

Yahoo Classifieds
from Peter
Here's an intersting ad that I felt compelled to post. A "discussion" regarding this post will be written up shortly... hehe

Microsoft and GM Press Releases
from Peter
At a recent computer expo, Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated:

"If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving twenty-five dollar cars that got 1000 miles to the gallon."

In response to Bill's comments/General Motors issued a press release stating the following: "If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would be driving cars with the following characteristics: ...

It's a Great Time Out!
by Peter
The NBA experience, ...It's Fantastic ... sort off
Here's a little write up about a real experience at a warrior game and other professional sporting events.. >>

The Anti-Chain Letter
from Natcha
Here's a very good review of all the chain letters ever sent and forwarded... >>

LEE KUM KEE causes cancer
from JL

This is apparently a real story.

"High levels of a cancer-causing chemical have been found in Chinese sauces used in many kitchens." >>

by Peter
I had my doubt at first, but it's for real. pays!!! >>

from Merry
If you were born between 1967 and 1977 (give or take a year or two), you will certainly enjoy this as much as I did. Don't skip a line, read this when you have time to take it all in.

Simple Graphic Design Techniques
by Karyn
A very useful guide with some insightful tips. And, go check out the author's site to see more of her artworks and designs. >>

The Craze on Raves
by Merry Chu
Straight out of a near-future movie they come -- bearing glowsticks and blow pops. They mass by the hundreds and sometimes thousands in tripped-out warehouses, abandoned shopping malls and roller rinks. Their clothes glow beneath black lights and pulsing, electronic music drives the throng to dance as one... >>

MP3 Basics
by Nelson
A very useful and detail tutorial on how to make your own MP3s! >>

Bar Tipping Etiquette
by Merry Chu
Here's a little guide for all you party people by our local party gal and promoter. And, if you need info on the party scene just ask her! >>

Football Betting Basics
by Peter
With the football season starting in 2 weeks. Here's a very helpful guide that is a must read for all gamblers. Please send all comments regarding this story by using the contact page. >>

"Be careful of Gates!!!"
from John
This story is about 1 year old. It may be a rumor spread by MS to scare people. Or perhaps, its actually true.
"Microsoft slapped two more lawsuit against one teenager and one retired worker for using pirated Windows 98 software." >>

"What women want"
by Josh
A story from "Josh's Swank Condo", an online soap-journal with daily updates. This was a very interesting read with some useful insights. >>

"Great news for girl watchers"
from Jenny
...Ogling over women's breasts is good for a man's health. An funny health tidbit thats probably not true. Nevertheless, it was an interesting read >>

"Getting to Know Someone"
by Peter
This is a real life story about an experiment for a college rhetoric and communications course. >>

25 Tips for Life
from Jenny
"#24 Clean a toilet. Drop in two Alka-Seltzer tablets,wait twenty minutes, brush, and flush. The citric acid and effervescent action clean vitreous china.(wonder if i get the fresh lime smell using the lime flavor ones?) ">>

by Peter
This is a paper about the book "Family", the paper mainly describes the situations and conflicts that three brothers of the younger generation faced as they challenged the power and principles of the elder generation. >>