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DAMN! .. Is she hot or what. Does it even matter if she can sing or not. >>

Storm Riders
With an all star cast, Storm Riders physically stormed into HK cinema like a tornado. This highly anticipated martial arts epic was highly praised by both the critics and the movie-going audience. >>

12 Nights
Starring hot young stars, Eason Chan and Cecilia Cheung, Twelve Nights revolves around the start and end of a love relationship focusing on twelve particular nights.>>

Needing You
A romantic comedy starring Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau. >>

God, Please Give Me More Time!
A Japanese soap drama starring mega stars Kyoko Fukada and Takeshi Kaneshiro. >>

Fallen Angel
Brought to you by Wong Kar-Wai (director of Chungking Express), this movie is a stylish film about nothing in particular. >>

Shanghai Grand
Shanghai Grand is a gangster drama produced by Tsui Hark that takes place around the time of World War II in, you guessed it, Shanghai! >>

Fist of Legend
This movie is a re-make of a Bruce Lee classic. Starring Jet Li, the film is pack full of awesome fight scenes that is true to his reputation. >>

City of Glass
Starring Leon and Hsu Chi, this award winning love tragedy was nominated for 11 golden horse award while winning best picture in 1999. >>

Love Generation HK
A typical HK style romantic comedy starring HK heavyweights, Leon Lai, Hsu Chi, and Carina Lau. And, introducing new-comer ABC Lee Ann >>

Moonlight Express
A romantic dramatic movie. Starring Leslie Cheung and Takako Tokiwa, this movie is in both Japanese and Chinese with English and Chinese subtitles. >>

A light-hearted romantic comedy starring Takeshi Kaneshiro, Aaron Kwok, and Kelly Chen. This movie is in Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) with chinese and english subtitles. The original voice is cantonese. The mandarin voices were dubbed overs and are not original voices of the actor/actress themselves. >>

A gangster-triads movie set in Japan. Starring Takeshi Kaneshiro and Yamamoto Mirai, this movie is in BOTH Japanese and Chinese Mandarin with chinese and english subtitles(my VCD anyways). >>