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 Rants by EMP
Warning, this section contains explicit language. In this section, I will comment on the daily annoyances that occurs in my small world.


    Was watching alot of war stuff all day. I actually had no opinion about it before today. Now, after watching all the anti-war coverage, especially all the shit in San Francisco. I wish the usa would be less tolerant and use some communist tactics in supressing these idiots. I mean there is a few ideas I can give willie brown, mayor of SF, on how to deal with these morons.

    1. open up alcatraz and start shipping all the arrested retard over there for a nice little vacation
    2. leave all the arrested on the street all tied up or just dump them all in Hunter's Point
    3. teargas teargas teargas!!!
    4. declare tomorrow drunk driving day, let them all get run over
    5. finally, here is a real solution, start arresting people and giving them $1000 fines. little citations are a joke. lets make some real money off these dumbfucks.

    i mean, did thousands of people really took a day off to do this. it seems to be more like a planned and tactical strike. these fools must be getting paid to do this. they can rally up enough homeless and out of work fools in SF especially at haight and ashbury. enough weed heads over there bumming in gg park. i mean, there was literally thousands of protester going rampage on the streets on SF causing traffic jams all day. They even try to get on the highway ramps and march on. all this during rush hour traffic. i believe it was an all day event. talk about smoking too much weed.

    watching the stuff on mtv irks me even more. man, there are some really stupid kids out there in nyc. why would u protest in the rain and do a body pile. god, did u see killing fields. lucky ass spoiled kids. so lucky u not in cambodia. god. is it the school system? too much freedom of speech and not enough real history of the world. didnt they watch schindler's list. im sure they are rich jewish kids. i didnt see black people in that pile. just rich white mtv brain-washed dumbasses. maybe they should dig ditches and lay in there.

    i think they should gather up all these fools and deport them all to iraq. here, u love iraq so much, go live there. do something that really help the iraq people. or even better. donate ur money to the iraq refugees. dont just talk, do something. open ur wallets. that should shut ur ass up.