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 Last updated on 08-21-01

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Mr. Potato Head
from Jenny
A little fun mr. potato head clipboard .

Valentine's Day Dance
from Jenny
Happy Valentine's 2001 ... .

Super Groovy TV Trivia
from Peter
Some classic trivia from Giligan's Island to the Brady Bunch .
2.41megs .GET FILE

Hee Sun Kim Wallpapers
from Peter
Hee Sun Kim revisited. Here are some really nice wallpapers of her... .
4.18megs .GET FILE

Abduct THIS!
from Peter
Try and rescue your aliens and grab some cows while your at it.
3.56megs .GET FILE

from Peter
fun little game. 700k .GET FILE

from Peter
Classic game and only 60k .GET FILE

Baby Flip
from Peter
Here are more baby altered clips
Babyflip (0.87 megs)
KungFu Baby (1.75 megs)

from Peter   (48k) GET FILE
Here's a very addictive simple game. The objective is to get as many same-color tiles in a row as possible.

"The Beach"
from Jenny   (1.20megs) GET FILE
Here's a funny video. ROFL!!!

"Pootin Paul"
from KT   (0.84megs) GET FILE
Here is an interesting version of a slot machine. There's sound in this one.

"Bad day"
from Peter   (4.88megs) GET FILE
This video clip was so helarious. There's sound so turn up ur speakers to get a better effect.

"Tae-Bo Baby"
from Peter   (0.59megs) GET FILE
Here's an altered dancing baby video clip. There's music as well.

"Pee Pee"
from Peter (0.58megs) GET FILE
Here's a japanese TV show clip. No sound in this one.