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 Stories : "It's a Great Time Out"
"It's a Great Time Out"  By Peter

The NBA experience, It's FANTASTIC ...

Well, this IS the warriors we are talking about here. This game was somewhat entertaining. It was the Golden State Warriors vs. Utah Jazz. From the last game, I was expecting another blowout. In the last game that they played a week ago, the jazz had a 31 point lead after the 3rd quarter and it was basically garbage time. This game however was a bit more exciting.

This was my first experience at a live NBA game. I had gone to the other sports games such as 49ers and Baseball Giants games at the Stick many time. So, going to a professional athletic event was second nature. However, this was quite a treat. First of all, the tix were free, so right off the bat, you were guaranteed a good time since you didnt shell out the "$90" for the Executive seats. The seats were really great. We were 6 rows behind the Jazz bench. The game was kinda boring. We are talking about the warriors and jazz, ..

The warrior's main attraction is basically Antawn Jamison period. Chris Mills played pretty good tonight though. And, the OLD Jazz. What can you said, ..u got the same old Mailman and Stockton doing the boring ass pick and roll with no fancy or spectacular dunks or anything, ...watching Malone draining jumpers all nite. Terry Cummings and Tony Farmer(Who? ..exactly) were simply outmatched trying to guard the mailman. And, lets not forget Adonal Foyle(Who again? ...yupe, warriors suck) ...

However, if you had money on this game, then it was rather exciting. The warriors were underdogs by 9.5 points. I heard it was as high as 11. In any case, the warriors loss by 12. So it was a nail-biter. Watching the last minutes of the game, it seemed like both teams were playing to cover the spread rather than just to win the game. The Jazz had its starters still in the game with 45 seconds left in the game protecting or rather increasing the 10 point lead to 12 so that they would cover. That's my perspective anyway, they were playing hard to cover the game. Actually, both teams were playing hard. Old man, Mookie Blaylock was still in the game launching 3-pointers. If they had hit one in their last 2 possessions, warriors would have covered.

Now, lets talk about the NBA experience. Going to an NBA game is rather different than a NFL or MLB game. First off, these tix were really expensive. I guess its because of the "executive" section we were in. But, NBA and NFL games are both about the same price. Lets just say that its around $50. In my opinion, the only professional sports thats worthwhile is Major League Baseball. Being in a live NBA and NFL game are somewhat similar. Actually, this basketball experience was slightly better than my "NFL experience" Both are kinda boring. There's the usual sideshows and giveaways that's in all three sports. But, in baseball, the excitement of trying to catch a foul ball is unbeatable. That adrenline rush that charges you when you see a foul ball coming your way can not be duplicated in the other two sports, unless you pay $$$ to sit courtside. In terms of spectacular awesome plays, baseball again is better. I guess this part actually depends on the team. Maybe if i had seen a Jordon game, then Basketball would rank higher. The football game was also quite lame. It basically watching Steve Young toss 5 yard passes. Now, watching Sammy Sosa launch those mammoth homers off Giants pitching was something else. Its just not the same. Of course I have been to 10-15 Giants games, so the comparison is somewhat biased. However, the other factor is the cost. Baseball Tix cost around $10-$15 (with special coupons, it was less than $10). So, going to a baseball game is actually worth it. And, after the 7th inning you can go sit on the front row which is comparable to the courtside seats in basketball. All in all, basketball and football are better enjoyed on the tube, especially football. The only pros for NBA and NFL games is that they have fine cheerleaders, baseball doesnt have that element in the program.