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 Stories : "Be Careful of Gates!!!"
"Be Careful of Gates!!!"  from John

Microsoft slapped two more lawsuit against one teenager and one retired worker for using pirated Windows 98 software.

For your information on how Microsoft actually trace PIRATED/COPIED/UNLICENSED Windows 98:

Whenever you logon into the internet, during the verifying password duration. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider eg:SingNET,PacNET, CyberNET,SwiftNET) will download a SUB-REGISTRY ENCRYPTED HEXADECIMAL (containing all your PROGRAMS serial numbers installed into Win98!!) file from your Windows 98 registry. Then they send this SUB-REGISTRY to Microsoft for verification. And ONLY Microsoft knows how to decode this encypted hexadecimal file. If Microsoft verified that the serial numbers are authentic, then they WILL REGISTER THOSE NUMBERS FOR YOU A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-C-A-L-L-Y !!! And if Microsoft denied those serial numbers, then they will send an E-Mail to the ISP you dialed into and your ISP will start tracing everyone who logs on to their systems. That's why sometimes, for no reason, your internet start slowing down. And if your ISP verified that the SUB-REGISTRY ENCYPTED HEXADECIMAL file is yours, they will send your information over to Microsoft Singapore. And there, they will decide whether to take actions or not. There is already 54 cases in Singapore regarding uses of PIRATED/COPIED/UNLICENSED Windows 98.

(Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anything. Use this information at your own risk. To the evil empire, please leave us alone. We do not edit articles that are sent to us. All articles are copied and paste exactly.)
How to edit Registry:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion] "RegDone"="1"
This will identify that your windows software already REGISTERED to MICROSOFT, and it won't send again your secret stuff to MR. GATES !