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 Stories : NYC in One Day
NYC in One Day  by Peter

Here's a little write up of my crazy trip to NYC during memorial weekend.


This trip happened accidentally when I was playing around with My roommate said that she wanted to visit NYC so we picked out memorial weekend since she didn't want to take any vacation days. Anyways, we thought 2 days was enough; else the hotel bill would become really staggering. So, I then proceeded to look for plane tix online. I had remembered my old roommate mentioning priceline when he was getting tix for his trip, so I started the process. First, I went to travelocity and found that the cheapest tix was around $400 ea. I wasn't really serious when I got on priceline and begin the bidding at $100. That was rejected, so I worked my way up to $200 + adding extras by applying for discover card and trying free magazines. In any case, I end up getting round trip tix to NYC for both of us at $200 ea. Here is the fucked up part. The itinerary had us leaving SF on Saturday morning and finally arriving at NYC at 11pm. Our departure flight is on Monday at 6am and arriving back in SF at 1pm on Monday. So, looking at the itinerary, we basically had one day (Sunday) in New York. Since it was only gonna be one day, we decided not to pay for 2 nights of hotel and just go for one night. Our plan was to go for a late walk around on Saturday night around Rockefeller Center and have a crazy Sunday staying out all day and night. Then, head to the airport at around 4am and just be all messed up and sleeping on the plane. Well, I went through priceline again for the hotel. This time it was actually quite a deal. We end up staying at a plush hotel on Madison avenue right next to Rockefeller Center, and it was only $135 per night.


The trip got to a bad start when my friend couldn't drive us to the airport as he was too fucked up to drive. So, we took a taxi and started our adventure to NYC. We arrived at Philly at around 8pm. We were just chilling and waiting for our 10pm flight when boom, Rudy from survivor came out of the gate and say "Hey". It was pretty cool, we were a little surprised and somewhat starstrucked, just a little anyways. Then, we got on our flight and arrived at NYC at around 11:30pm. We checked into our room at around midnight and then my roommate was all "I got a fat headache let's just head the sac (separate beds of course)". I got her to go out for a little walk around Rockefeller as we were searching for a drug store. She got her dosage and we went back as she was quite grumpy.

We got up and checked out of the hotel at around 11am on Sunday. Thank god we could leave our bags at the hotel and pick it up later. Else, I be dying lugging my bag around New York. First we head for Rockefeller again, she needed another hit of aspirin. It was pretty cool as there was a Brazilian street thing going on at the time. We walk thru it and start doing our photo-ups on the streets. First was radio city where the sign had MTV music video awards next week, DAMN!!! Then, we did the NBC experience, just went in to that store to get some AC as it was quite humid and hot. We did more photo-ups and went into the cathedral, the one from Arnold's End of Days. Then, we hit MOMA, Museum of Modern Art. That place was kinda cool. They got some weird shit in there.

After MOMA, we decided to go for the MET, Metropolitan Museum. Well, that was our initial destination. We took the wrong subway train and ended up in 125th station, Harlem. Got back on the subway and decided to get off 2 stops later (the other way) and go to Columbia University. This can be considered a turning point (in a bad way) in our adventure. It started to rain when we were walking to Columbia. We finally got there to take a picture in front of the library. Then, we took the taxi to the Guggenheim. Man, that's when it started to pour like crazy. Well, the Guggenheim was pretty cool. Those paintings were just damn tight. This was the first time I saw a Picasso. Well, we chilled at the cafe in Guggenheim while waiting for the rain to stop. Then, we finally hit the MET at 4:30pm. After half an hour, the place closed. By this time, we were like "good, let's just take the damn pictures and get outta here". So, we walked toward the subway station on Lexington when, DANG, look at the old man with the young asian girl. Yupe, its Woody Allen and Soong Yi. Maybe I should have pull out my camera like them mad tabloid photographers but, I just wasn't in the mood.

So, we got on the subway and head down toward the glitzy shops on 65th and Park Avenue. After walking a couple blocks downward and seeing that all the stores were closed, we grab a taxi and head toward Lincoln Center. Man, that damn park in the middle of the city is really a big pain in the ass. Well, we did a little photo thing and just chill there a little before heading for the subway again. Now, it was around 6:30pm. My friend was all tired and now very moody. Her feet were all swollen from all the walking. Anyways, we got on the subway and head for the village. We got off at west 15th I think. Basically, we were a little lost after getting off the train station. I was calling my friend and saying, we're in castro. Guess, we went the other way and ended up in Chelsea. Anyways, after walking around in a complete circle we were finally in the village and walking thru all the shoe stores. We walk thru Washington Park and just decided to rest a little on some benches outside of NYU.

This is when I called my buddy and we decided to hook up for dinner in soho. My friend meet up with us at around 8pm in this restaurant on Washington Park South. After we finish the pitcher, we head for this Thai restaurant in soho. I got my usual long island while waiting for the table. We finish dinner around 11pm and then head for Time Square. When we were getting on the subway, we bumped into an old high school buddy. I was like shit, "I don't believe this, we (me and my buddy) were just talking about you". As, you were like the only other person I know in NYC besides this other person from work who is also in NYC right now (and by some weird coincidence he was ur classmate at Columbia). Low and behold, when we were in Time Square, we bump into my co-worker. I was just like, what that hell, is this some sort of twilight zone. I mean, what are the chances of bumping into these 2 fools all on the same night one after another.

Time square was just like the movies, lights and billboards all over. Street vendors selling shit from fake watches and prada bags to video tapes of current movies all over the place. We chill at a denny-like restaurant for an hour or so before going our separate ways. By this time, it was around 2am. We were basically wasted just dying to go back to SF and the nice cool weather. We head back to the hotel to get our bags, and then grab a taxi to the airport. We then just sat at the airport for 3 hours and got on the 6am flight back to SF. Basically, we SURVIVED!!!


Well, we got back to SF at around noon on Monday. I just crashed and slept til 10pm. Then woke up for a couple of hours before sleeping again. The next day, I got on another flight and head for Taiwan.

There were so many things that we regret from this trip. However, overall, it was a pretty cool little trip for only $270 each. Of course not including all the expenses we spent while we were there. Here are some key things that we should have done:

  1. Buy an all day subway pass for $4. We didn't know about this until my buddy told me when we were in soho. We wasted like 4-5 tokens (1.50 ea)
  2. Empire state building. We were so close to it. Should have checked it out after MOMA.
  3. Forget the whole east side, Columbia and Lincoln Center. Going there wasted so much time since these places were on the other side of the park, but since we were there, maybe should have try to find Seinfeld's cafe.
  4. Check out the MET. Man, we missed out on so much shit there.
  5. Yankee Stadium. Well, this was impossible to fit into on 1 day schedule but definitely a must next time.
  6. US OPEN, well it was happening when we were there. There was like no way but it would have been nice.
  7. Statue of Liberty. Well, just a photo-up
  8. Shopping at Soho. We miss out on so much shit down there.
  9. Checking out little korea. I think we should have went there after Time Square, but it was like 2am and going backwards toward Soho. If we had gone, our schedule would have been really tight at the end.
  10. Saks 5th Avenue and FAO. Should have checked these out as we were right there.