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 Stories : FREE MONEY!!!
FREE MONEY!!!  By Peter

I'm sure everyone has already heard of these companies that are offering to pay you while u surf the web. Like everyone, I was a skeptic. There has to be a catch. And, will they actually pay you? I mean, "there are no such things as a free lunch", a quote that has been cemented in my head back in high school. But, I can't seem to remember what book it was from (SCi Fi english class). In any case, I didn't really think that I was going to get paid.

This company basically is paying people $0.50/hour for just having those annoying banners on like Net-Zero. As seen on the left screen shot of my desktop, you'll get this top banner thingy that keeps on changing every 5 secs. Since I have a 19" monitor, this didn't really bother me. In addition, you can park that thing on the bottom as well. It will automatically re-size itself. There are a couple of tweaks in this thing. I don't know if the upgrades twarted those tweaks. This program basically detects your computer and will activate(green light) when your web browser is on. The other thing is that your mouse have to be moving. It will self terminate(red light) when you change into a non-browser window and when your mouse is not moving after 1min. There were hackers out there that actually wrote programs to automatically move the mouse. And, since I have DSL(online24/7), I just need to be online for 2 days. Then I turn this thing off for the rest of the month. You can check your account to see how many payable hours you have accumulated. Basically, I'm just surprise that the check came. Here is the check

Well, this is a check for $25 which is around 50 hours of hard work surfing on the web. This is how it works. Each month alladvantage allows 25 hours, that is you only get paid for the 25 hours. This translates into 2 month for my 50 hours. After the 25 hours is reach each month, the additional hours accrued in that month will not count. These guys are not that stupid. The only way to get more money is thru referrals. That is for every person that you refer to them, you get 10% of what they earned. For example, the person that refer me will get $2.50 into his account. Nothing is taken away from me.

Now that you have seen the check, are you a believer? If so, click on the link below and join in on the free money!!!