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 Stories : "Getting Even"
"Getting Even"  by Anonymous

A little story,

So, I just graduated from college at one of the UC schools. I won't name which one since I am going to tell a story about my roomate. I'll call her Jane Doe as her pseudoname.

Well, my roomate, Jane, for about 3 months is a major psycho crazy wacko girl. I'll tell the story about what she did to me later. First, I'd like to tell the world what kind of person she is. Jane's a chinese chick with blonde hair. It's streaked blonde so her hair practically looks blonde. Imagine an Asian chick with blonde hair, and colored contacts. Apparently she really wants to look white or caucasian or whatever. She just doesn't want to look like herself, which is Chinese American.

Anyways, Jane's majoring in economics and minoring in computer information systems at one of the UC schools. Basically, she lives in her own little world. If she could create her own world, it would consist of only ice cream, fruit, salad, Korean music, and men 3 years younger than her. It's true. Jane only eats ice cream at Baskin Robbins and fruit for lunch and dinner and maybe once in awhile she'll eat some salad.

Jane wakes up at about 6 am every day or she tries to in order to work out at the school gym for about an hour. Jane doesn't have class until 10 practically every day. Then, at night, she goes to work out some more by running in the dark by herself or she'll go back to the school gym to work out. Then, Jane comes back and throws up in the bathroom that I share with her and my other roomate. Basically, after Jane works out and eats her lunch and dinner, if she eats at all, she throws up. I actually hear her throwing up in the bathroom. It's pretty gross. This is all true. Jane wants to be anorexic or something. She wants to look like Ally McBeal. Even I'm thinner than her and I hardly work out. I eat a lot too. I guess I should thank my mom for giving me her genes. I have a really fast metabolism.

Anyways, whenever she talks on the phone, she screams. So, its really annoying. I think her nickname is Drama Queen because she thinks everything in her life is a big fat deal. Really. Jane totally exaggerates her voice and her life to make it seem like people should feel for her, or at least feel sorry for her. Her last boyfriend was a guy 3 years younger than her. She's 22 right now, and her exboyfriend is 19. I really don't know why they broke up, but hearing her talk about it is kind of sad. Jane gets upset that she can't seem to find "the one." She thought her exboyfriend was "the one." She contemplates about all her past relationships and wonders why she can't seem to keep a boyfriend for more than 6 months. Well, maybe cause she has weird eating habits? Basically, this girl is really abnormal. She is obsessed with finding and keeping a relationship with a guy for more than 6 months. That's pretty much all she cares about, besides the fact that she wants to look like Laura Flynn Boyle or Calista Flockhart.

Okay, now I've said a little something about what kind of person Jane is like, I'll tell my story. Sorry, I dragged it. Anyways, for quite some time, I asked her where she got her windows tinted for her car. I wanted to tint my car. Jane told me that she got all 5 windows tinted for about 80 dollars which is an amazing deal. So, I asked her if she could call the person who tinted her car windows for me and set up an appointment. I thought I would get my windows tinted soon, like maybe a week after I asked Jane. Of course, it dragged on until 5 weeks later or even more. The first 2-3 weeks, she gave me excuses saying that she was trying to get the guy's phone number from her boss in order to set up the appointment. Her boss from work, was the person who introduced Jane to the window tinting guy. Anyways, the 4th week, she told me that she was going to switch cars with her dad because he wanted to get his windows tinted. Well, Jane didn't switch cars with her dad until the 5th week. Jane finally drove her dad's car from back home. This is approximately the 5th week since I first asked Jane about the window tinting. Jane told me that when she switched cars with her dad, she and I would go to the guy's place to tint the car windows together. Well, guess what. Jane went herself, and got her dads car windows tinted without telling me. Jane didn't forget that I wanted to tint my car windows because I asked her about 5 or more times, and when I didn't ask her, she would bring the subject up herself out of the blue. So she knew pretty well that I still wanted to get my windows tinted. The only way I found out that she got her dads car windows tinted was because I heard her on the phone one day talking to her mom about it. Since she talks like she's screaming, of course I heard her. I was so pissed off. I didn't confront her about it, because I was going to explode and I didn't want to hit her. I was that pissed off. So, the next few days, I was still fuming, and I kept thinking whether I should do something evil. Or at least something to get back at her for being a bitch. I didn't want to stoop to her level, so for the next two weeks, I didn't do anything. I ignored her. She started ignoring me a few weeks earlier, for what reason, I have no clue. We were in finals week, so I finished my finals early, and packed everything to go home since I graduated. Well, the night before, I got pissed at Jane again for talking on the phone for an hour, screaming at approximately 1 or 2 in the morning. I was trying to sleep, so I turned on the music. I turned it loud enough so that I couldn't hear her screaming in the phone. That's just the way she talks, but damn, it's so annoying. Well, Jane got off the phone, and she started blasting her music. At that point, I was beyond angry. I was fuming. I didn't want to talk to her because she hated me, or that's what I thought since she started ignoring me ! a few weeks earlier. I knew if I asked her to turn down her music, we would get into a big fat argument, and I wanted to avoid that. So, since I was fuming, I broke down and decided to do something to her the next morning. I decided to stoop to her level ,which I know quite well that I shouldn't have. So, I did something............with Jane's............ toothbrush. I took her toothbrush, while she was awake in ther room the next morning, and I scrubbed her toothbrush in the toilet for approximately 3 seconds or less. It was pretty quick. If anyone sees the toilet in our apartment, it's pretty nasty. There are bacteria and what else growing in there. I don't care, she deserved it. I thought about keying her car, but I thought that was too evil. Anyways, that's the end of the story. Maybe Jane will get gum disease, or all of her teeth will fall off, and then she will never ever get a guy. Not, like she can get one right now with her eating habits.

Morale of the story: If someone screws with you or messes you up, don't do anything, because what goes around comes around. Or, you can forget about that, and don't let people push you around or do anything mean to you, by getting even.