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 Stories : ecstacy
ecstacy  by Bubbles

    I see light beaming everywhere arousing every part of my body. The lights feel as if they are piercing thru every inch of my skin. Flashes pass. Time elapsed. I am traveling thru clips of time.

    Even though my friends always tell me how fantastic e is.
    "It makes you feel much better than when you are drunk."
    "It makes you feel like you're flying and everybody's gonna become your good friend. And, you'll dance from dusk till dawn."
    I don't even give a shit, cause I like to dance, like making friends in every circumstance, I don't need any drugs to do that.

    However, I can't resist it while friends convince me every time we go clubbing. I had the first half E last Nov. I had few shots of hard liquid with my roommates right before that. So I danced very wild to the trance music. I was waiting and excited. Anticipating the changes that is going to occur inside my head bringing me in to another world. I felt nothing so took another one.
    After a while, I don't know what is happening to me.
    My feet felt weak.
    I could not stand still.
    Suddenly, I collapse and lay on the floor.
    My friends saw me laying there. Nervously, they help me get back up and rush out of the club.

    I feel so light as if I can float in air. My hands and legs kept on trying to touch something to make sure I can feel it. I can only recall that touching something made me feel safe.
    I don't know where I was.
    I can see spoken words floating in the air around me from talking nearby.
    I am sitting in the front seat of the car.

    When the car starts to speed up on the freeway. I scream, "I'm flying, I'm flying".
    I hear them laugh.
    I could barely open my eyes.
    I feel sick.
    I start to puke. Over and Over.
    Afterward, I feel better. I am beginning to get high.

    I lay back onto the front seat. I look up into the sky and feel that everything surrounding has become part of me. I want to talk to the whole world. All the streetlights looked so bright and so beautiful.
    I talk out loud, "so many stars, why are there so many beautiful stars."

    When I got home, I can't sleep. Called my best friends and screamed, "I'm dying". I became so emotional. It was like, there was not enough time to tell the world goodbye. I called my other friend, and could not stop stuttering. I can feel my teeth grinding. I told him that I was high on e. He came and brought me some pot. He told me I'm too "speedy". Some pot can make me slow down. I smoked and start to slow down. Finally, I feel tired and fall asleep.