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Crazy Landlord  by Emp

This is a true story that happened to me about one month ago.

    I had just moved back to the City from Silicon Valley for a new job. With a very hectic work schedule, I was not able to go and find a new apartment before my job started. Thus, I moved back into my parent's until I find a place. At first, I was going to live with a bunch of friends as we started to look for a 4 bedroom place using the Chinese newspaper. We tried for about a couple of weeks and found it very difficult. Then, one of us found a great place and decided to split and take it. That leaves three people left. Then, the other two decides to stay at their current residence since we had not seen anything as decent as their current place. So, that leaves me out in the cold. I was not really that anxious with a busy work schedule, I was barely home. But, when I started to unpack my stuff and squeeze everything into my room, I decided that I better find another place and not get too comfortable. Afterall, it was kinda nice with home cooking and my mom doing my laundry and all.

    In any case, I started using the Yahoo Classified as my old roommate/landlord was using it to rent out my old room. In addition, I wanted to live in a big house instead of the regular in-laws that were offered in the Chinese newspapers. Well, I email a couple of ads and got a reply from one of them. It was in a great location and neighborhood. Actually, it was only about 20 blocks from my parents house. Anyways, I went and check it out by myself. To my surprise, I was gonna be sub-leasing it from the current residence and not deal directly with the owner. In addition, the people that were living there were all in their early 20's, with the oldest being 22. I thought it would be kinda cool, as i do miss my old college days. And, by association, it might actually be a great opportunity to meet some college coeds. I guess, I am feeling kinda old now that I've been out of college and working like a peon for the last couple of years. Anyways, I was just in love with the room. The whole place was kinda dirty with blow-up funiture. They basically had a little air-blown couch. There was nothing else in the living room. In addition, the fridge was nasty with ants in the freezer swarming over some opened ice cream. Another important thing was that there was a tennant that had a child. Actually, 26 was the eldest. She was African-American, with a little 8 yr old. With all these cautions, I still decided to take the place because the room was so nice. It reminded me of the huge room I had back in college with a huge closet. I thought that I didnt really need all the other stuff as I was planning to have a mini- fridge in my room and basically just stay there. So, after a brief consultation with one of my friends, I decided to take the place and give them a $100 as a deposit.

    I started to move in a week later as I had to wait for the current tennant to move out. Now, let's just take a deep breathe, because this was one of the most bizarre days of my life. I begin the morning, going over there to get the keys to my room as they wanted to change the locks. So, I was there at around 11am. I met the "landlord/roommate" outside of the house and we went in. To "our" surprise, my room was locked. So, I use a credit card and broke in. Another surprise, there was a guy sleeping in there, and it was not the previous tennant. In fact, it was the 26yr olds younger brother. And, on that same day, the landlord, lets just call her Van, told me that the 26 yr old was supposed to have moved out already. I was not even aware that she was gonna move out. That didn't matter, as i was kind of happy that she would be leaving since i didnt like the idea of living with a little kid. Anyways, I went back to my parent's and begin loading. I made about 5 trips back and forth before my friend came over to help me move my Queen size bed. This was about 5pm. We got there with the bed and saw Van's brother, let's call him Wacko, trashing the 26yr old's room with a bunch of his friends. They were tossing all her stuff on the sidewalk. There were dresses and other clothing as well as her bed and many other junk. This was just crazy. Me and my friend just sat in the car and watch as Wacko and his gang went about their business trashing the room. Then, we started to move my stuff into my room. As you can read, this little incident did not affect me that much. I must have been ignorant or retarded. Wacko was telling me that the 26yr old was not paying rent and was in fact his girlfriend, actualy ex-girlfriend. So, I was satisfied by that answer and continue to move more stuff into my room as Wacko begin changing the locks to all the doors as precautionary measures. Then, the weird thing started to begin. Wacko and his gang along with Van all left the place and told me not to let the 26yr old in when she comes back. Now, a red light flashed in my head. What the fuck!!! That girl is gonna come back tonight! This was gonna be ugly. I didn't think that much of it again as I started to arrange the funiture and hang all my clothes. Then, me and my friend left the place to get some food. When we came back. We saw the 26 yr old with her little boy walking to the house. We decided to stay in the car and watch as another roommate(girl B) was also there waiting for me, since I had the keys to the house with the new locks installed.

    Me and my friend decided to stay in the car and watch as "girl B" and "26" jaw away at each other. Almost forgot, Wacko had also left a little note for 26 at the door. It was basically, "It's over Bitchass, Get the fuck out ..blabla". Something along those lines, I can't remember all the details. So, Girl B left the place and called me on the cell telling me not to go back as 26 was there and a bit frantic. We also left the place and was a little confused by the whole situation. "What the fuck should I do". We thought that perhaps we just go hang out at the beach for a while and 26 will leave eventually as she didnt have a key to enter the house. We met up with girl B and decided to go back to the place. Afterall, why the fuck should i be afraid or care about this since I was not involved in the trashing. Thus, we went back to the house. Surprisingly, 26 had broken into the house when we arrived. She had pop a hole in the garage and somehow got it to open. Perhaps, her little boy crawl in and open the automatic garage. In addition, the front gate lock was totally smashed. But, i did somehow put it in place for the key to open the door.

    Now, this was a scene. 26 was basically raving. She was crying and just totally mad. All her stuff were trashed and she was raving, " Im gonna mess this place up." I went into my room just to make sure none of my stuff was fucked. I had moved in my 27" trinitron, so i was a bit concerned at this point. Girl B saw the situation and left as she didnt want to be there with all the madness going on. I went to my room with my friend and ate our dinner while discussing the whole situation. I was actually contemplating on staying until my friend starting going off and comparing this with boys in the hood, joking about drive-bys and stuff. We got 26 to calm down and started to discuss the whole situation. Perhaps she was lying or perhaps not, she told me how Wacko and Van had been totally mistreating all the past tennants and were just booting them for whatever reason. Seeing as Wacko had trashed her stuff, I believed her and decided to get the hell out. At this point, it was about 10pm. So, we started to move again. We finish moving at around midnight.

    In all, I lost the $100 deposit. Wacko, Van, and 26 were calling me afterwards. I think 26 may have filed some legal charges. Nevertheless, I never return their calls and just want to stay out of this whole thing. This was just one crazy night. I did eventually found another place(cheaper and better) using the infamous Yahoo Classifieds. Living with 3 total stranger. What the hell, It's like MTVs Real World. At least it was a memorable experience.