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 Movie Review : Twelve Nights

 Twelve Nights  reviewed by Peter

This movie stars the two hottest up and comers in the HK entertainment scene, Cecilia Cheung and Eason Chan. Twelve nights is a serious drama about relationships. It focuses on 12 particular nights that portrays both the exihilerating beginning and the turbulent end of a one dimensional relationship. The storytelling was great as it has elements of the pulp fiction-isk backward storytelling to further investigate various character storylines. The twelve individul nights then show the early chase and conquer in which a relationship is born. It then slowly show the decline that always follows as in all physical relationships.

This movie, to put it in simply, was "so true". Perhaps it's due to the fact that I've been in this type of situation before. But, the acting was great as well. I was simply moved watching this thing and keep on recollecting my past. Everything about it was so damn real. Every aspect of a loveless relationship was depicted. The thrilling beginning were both participants are just horn dogs trying to hook up at whatever cost. Then, the slowing decline starts as each start to notice various tiny character flaws or in Eason's case, just simply being bored as it was never meant to be. The end twist was something new but yet "so true". This movie was just simply real.

Cecilia Cheung's performance was mesmorizing. That was a bit overboard but her acting was really good. The wide range from happy and jolly to straight up melancholy were outstanding. And, just look at her, she is just damn cute. Her stardom has exploded the past year. I didn't like Eason as much. I thought he was just too boring. Perhaps that is what he was asked to do but, he is always this way in all the movies. Like in City of Glass, he had the exact same demeanor. Just same old quiet not talkative at all boring dork. Yeah, that was harsh. I guess he played the asshole in the movie really well. Just not appreciating what he got in Cecilia. Cecilia was such a babe. I cannot overstate that fact!

Overall, I give this movie very high recommendations. If I did not already burn a copy of it, I would definitely buy the DVD and add it to my collection. Perhaps I still might buy it. In any case, this is one of the better dramatic HK movies to come by. A real, young-adult genre drama that is a must see.