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 Movie Review : God, Please Give Me more Time

 God, Please Give Me more Time  reviewed by Peter

This soap drama series came out perhaps 2 year ago. The movie stars the aformentioned Takeshi Kaneshiro and Kyoko Fukada. Takashi plays a TK-like music songwriter while Kyoko is a high school senior who just happen to have contracted HIV in a very unlikely scenario.

The story goes on as the two characters unlikely as it seems become fast friends as their first encounter was basically a one night stand. The cute yet spunky Kyoko is the main character in this soap. First, she was a normal hot high school kogal with her gang of slutty friends that sells their body to horny japanese middle age office worker. Once she contracted the deadly disease, she is somewhat melancholy as she should be. Then, she becomes this strong, live for the day woman that is so righteous and brave.

Takeshi, at first, seem to take interest in Kyoko due to her strong spirit and later out of pity as she is HIV positive. However, their friendship transforms into a love relationship. The whole drama thing goes on and on as they got separated and back together at the end. And then, the usual shock yet sad ending. I wanted to give it away as it was so lame, but I'll just save that for all you people that's is actually going to watch this series which is about 10-12 hours long.

Kyoko's performance is pretty typical. There is the strong, out of the world brave act. There is the sad crying face that happens almost every hour. There is the running. There was really alot of running in this movie. And lastly, there is the beautiful cute smile that millions adore.

Takeshi was his cool usual self. He seem to be just a cool dude in the japanese soaps. In the chinese movies, he would play a wide variety. However, as usual, he's doing the long hair cool dude smoking a cigarette look. And, he is also the caring and passionate drop everything for love thing.

Overall, I was basically watching this movie because these two icons are my favorites. I was a bit tired of the same old running and chasing thing. The crying thing is also just getting old. I would recommend this if you're one of their fans. Perhaps the fact that I watched this movie in its entirety all at once. Nevertheless, its a cool little tear-jerking soap that you expect from these japanese soaps.