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 Movie Review : Storm Riders

 Storm Riders  reviewed by Peter

Storm Riders is not just your typical kung fu high flying flick. These high kicking, sword-fighting, martial arts genre have long been dominated by real martial arts masters such as Jet Lee and Jacky Chan. However, this mega production starred mainstream actors and actresses such as Ekin Cheng, Aarom Kwok, and Hsu Chi. Based on a popular comic series, Storm Riders was produced using a variety of special matrix-like effects with tons of computer generated imaging. This along with the popular actors created immense anticipation and expectations. Released in 1998, Storm Rider did not disappoint. In fact, it brought the fantasy sword epics back into the HK movie industry. The use of these special effects was not new. However, the smoothness and beauty of it was something that awed all audiences. Unlike most cheap fireworks that is commonly seen in the HK flicks, the special effects in this movie was not ur typical K-mart variety. They actually went the more american route and spent some major dough. Nevertheless, it cannot be compare to the american big budget spectaculars such as Gladiator and such. Afterall, HK flicks don't usually have 100 million dollar budgets.

In any case, the movie was damn cool. The cast was all-stars which consist of all the Young and Dangerous actors. The main characters were played by Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok. Both of them did an admirable job in this movie. Aaron is Cloud, a temperamental, moody master whose kung fu specialty is the cloud style. Very bad interpretation here. Basically, Aaron is Cloud and Ekin is Wind. Aaron's kung-fu artistry is derived from the cloud principals while Ekin's is wind. There is one more character whose kung-fu specialty is Frost. These three together form the three group heads of the Sky clan. The story is not too exciting as in most kung-fu flicks. It's the basic world domination turn sour where the bad guy is all powerful conquering the martial arts world then is de-throne and stuff. This movie was all about the fantastic mixture of comic-like kung fu action enhanced by the crazy special effects.

Overall, this movie kick ass. It certainly revitalized the hk industry once again. The acting was great except for Hsu Chi. Sadly to say, I really did not like her in this movie. In fact, there was just a bit too many familiar faces. It would be nice if some of the young and dangerous gang were left off. A definite must see!!!