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 Movie Review : Sleepless Night
SLEEPLESS TOWN   reviewed by Peter

Starring Takeshi Kaneshiro as Liu Kenichi, a chinese/ japanese thug in the chinese triad circle of japan. This role was perfect for Kaneshiro as he is half and half in real life. I am quite bias as I am also half/half. In any case, this was not a typical gangster shoot'em up HK flick. Instead, it is more similar to the godfather type scheming and plotting.

The movie does contain some violence and of course sex scenes. There was a couple of "Basic Instinct Type" scenes that had some top nudity. But, it was all done in good taste. It's a little tame compare to the prono-like stuff in today's movies. The violence was not very explicit as in " A Better Tomorrow". There's really no crazy shooting frenzy types or blood gushing gross stuff. Like I mentioned before, it's more of a suspense type godfather-like gangster flick.

The movie ended with quite a few surprises that played out like a regular "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". I hope i didn't give away too much of the movie to spoil it. Overall, I really love this movie and have watched it four times (the 4th time just to refresh my memory for this review). Go out and rent it!