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 Movie Review : Shanghai Grand

Shanghai Grand  reviewed by Floorpie

Shanghai Grand is a gangster drama produced by Tsui Hark that takes place around the time of World War II in, you guessed it, Shanghai!
Brother Lee (played by Andy Lau) starts out as a good-hearted crap-man. No really -- he goes around emptying chamber pots and lugs the goodies away in a wheelbarrow.

Leslie Cheung plays Xu Wen Qiang, some "stranger" who turns up unconcious on the coast after escaping from the boat of some diabolical she-witch.

It only gets better from here, guys. Seriously. The story proceeds to unfold as we follow these two guys who befriend each other and eventually make it to be big-league gangsters.

There's some gunfights and all that schtick, but it's mostly a "story" movie. There's also some sort of romance element with this one chick... but the movie's emphasis is about the friendship of Brother Lee and Xu Wen Qiang (Though not as crazy intensive as John Woo's A Better Tomorrow or The Killer).
There's also some interesting usage of grainy black and white to color fades/dissolves (you'll understand if you watch it).
The Good: The whole story itself was quite enjoyable with a few plot twists which tie all the characters in and keeps it from being boring.
The Bad: The typical Hong Kong movie caveats (think diabolical laughter and a python with the most teeth I've ever seen).