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 Movie Review : Needing You

 Needing You  reviewed by Peter

This movie stars Sammi Cheng and Andy Lau. Sammi plays a naive office worker that is often taken advantage of by fellow co-workers. Andy is her boss, a young upstart hot shot that is moving up the ranks in the company.

The movie starts out with Kinki, Sammi's character, being abused and used by everyone in her world, from co-workers, her boyfriend, and all her family members. Her character grows as her relationship with Andy intensifies. Andy is the hot shot who is also a regular player that goes and have various one nighters.

Seeing Kinki being abused by her boyfriend, Andy decides to help her stand up to the boy to build up Kinki's self confidence. Then, the story goes the usual cinderella fairy tale. Unknowingly, Kinki finds a young billionaire courting her to be interesting, and a relationship develops. Afterwards, Andy realizes that he wants Kinki, and trys desperately to win her back. The story basically do the same old guy finds the girl attractive too late after she found someone else way better. And the rest is the usual comedic romantic thing.

Sammi's performance was great. Her acting skills are really improving as she has taken on more movie roles. What can I say. I am a huge Sammi fan. She was simply beautiful in this movie. Perhaps it's the clothing as she tends to look better with more clothes on, and her hair is also the nice orange-red short look that suits her best. What else is there to say? Go out and rent this if you are a Sammi fan. Just check it out if you're not. No matter what, it's a pretty good movie. And by the way, Andy was ok. I like Andy in action flicks more as i don't see him playing this type of characters too much.