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 Movie Review : Moonlight Express

Moonlight Express  reviewed by Peter

After a tragic car accident which resulted in the death of her fiance, Hitomi(Takako Tokiwa) travels to Hong Kong to fulfill a dream of overlooking the night scenary of "Pearl of the East". In Hong Kong, Hitomi bumps into Ka-Bo(Leslie Cheung), a local undercover cop who looks just like her deceased fiance. And the movie plays out this love at first sight drama...
This movie was the first time I ever saw Takako Tokiwa, and she was simply breathtaking!!! Throughout the whole movie, her chinese was somewhat hard to comprehend at times but since there's subtitles, it didnt really matter. She was just too damn cute.
The story was predictable but I might have been too mesmorized by Takako to have noticed anything else. Leslie's performance was the same over zealous, over aggressive, and over acting. Maybe I'm a little jealous but his aggressive sex scenes just didnt sit well. Takako, on the other hand, played the innocent pure goddess to perfection.

This movie came out i think 2 years ago. A definite collector's item!! ..If not, go rent it at your local chinese video store.