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 Movie Review : Love Generation

Love Generation  reviewed by Peter

Love Generation (Hong Kong), is the Chinese adaptation of the popular japanese soap opera under the same name. Actually, I never saw the Japanese version, but it was rather popular. This star-studded movies features three lovely actress, Hsu Chi, Carina Lau, and newcomer Lee Ann. Along with Pop-star Leon Lai.

This movie was the same old boy girl relationship type with some added comedy to boot. The movie starts with the struggling young couple, Leon and Carina as they go thru their daily ritual of working at dead-end crappy jobs and then meet up afterwards for a regular cheap nite-cap. Somewhat abruptly, Carina feels that she is a burden in Leon's way toward a more successful future and ends the relationship to give Leon more opportunity and freedom to become more than just the ordinary Joe that he is now. With a flare of dramatic the scene starts with light rain and ends as Leon is left standing by himself in the pouring storm as Carina flees the scene.

After being dump, Leon goes to his best friend's house to comtemplate on what to do. So, he decides to go to the US and get his MBA. Coincidentally, his best friend's little sister, played by Lee Ann, is also going abroad to study, so they both leave for the US. They come back after a few yrs. Lee-Ann is now Leon's personal assistant. While Leon has become a big shot tycoon, name Bill Kaye, ..ala Bill Gates, In any case, this is when the movie gets started in a twist of U love me but i like someone else and the whole looping around love triangle. Just to keep it a bit complete, Hsu Chi plays Leon's movie star girlfriend.

I think this is Lee Ann's first movie. As a typical ABC, she didnt have much lines as she was pretty silent throughout the whole movie. Nevertheless, she was damn cute. Her acting was some what weak. I guess im a bit harsh but perhaps she was put in the movie for the movie promo poster. Her chinese was kinda white-ish. Anyways, this was perhaps her debut into the world of hk flicks. Hopefully, we'll see more of her in the future, perhaps she can start in some movies in the US.

Hsu Chi's performance was quite good. I think I'm bias, but her acting skills are getting better and better. She plays the spoiled movie star with a touch of sexyness that was quite captivating. OK, that was quite an over-exaggeration but she is just damn hot.

Overall, the movie was quite predictable with some added hk style slap-stick comedy. I think these type of movies are made mainly for fans for the two huge hk idols: Leon and Hsu Chi. The movie itself was bland and quite predictable. However, I AM a Hsu Chi addict. Thus, I give a good recoomendation for all Hsu Chi fans. Go out and rent it. Even if its just o see Hsu Chi or newcomer Lee Ann