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 Movie Review : City of Glass

 City of Glass  reviewed by Peter
Starring Leon and Hsu Chi, this award winning love tragedy was nominated for 11 golden horse award while winning best picture in 1999. I think they won, I was watching the show briefly as it was quite boring. However, this film was winning quite a few awards. In any case, the movie starts off with a tragic car accident resulting in the death of Leon and Hsu Chi. Then, it trails backwards like pulp fiction recalling back their history as their siblings takes care of the final affairs of their estate. Just to make things clear, Hsu Chi and Leon were having a affair as both have their respective families in the states. I guess I shouldn't give away too much of the storyline.
The siblings were played by newcomers, Daniel Wu and Nicole Cheung. Actually, I have seen Nicole in quite a few other movies playing small roles. Nevertheless, she is an up and coming actress that is quite cute. Daniel Wu plays the ABC to perfection. His american accent is so thick that there was really no doubt that he is ABC. This was the only thing that was quite annoying. Everytime he speaks chinese, it was painful to hear.
The story was quite interesting. Yes, its a chick flick. It was kinda corny and stuff, but Hsu Chi is awesome as usual being her sexy self. The other girl, Nicole, was also quite cute. Besides all the sexist remarks, I actually enjoy this movie a little. It is definitely one of those romantic types that all girls like to watch. This is yet another good Hsu Chi movie for all her fans.