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 Movie Review : Fallen Angels

 Fallen Angels  reviewed by floorpie

Fallen Angels, brought to you by Wong Kar-Wai (director of Chungking Express) is a stylish movie about nothing in particular.

Leon Lai plays a hitman and Michele Reis plays his partner... but that doesn't really matter. Takeshi Kaneshiro also plays some mute freak... but that doesn't really matter much either.

The movie itself takes place in Hong Kong and apparently only during the night. The story weaves in and out of the lives of the three aformentioned characters and how their paths intertwine. The characters all need psychiatric help, but they're also sort of interesting at the very least. They're actually quite funny/quirky in a way that you're glad you're not them.

The whole movie is pretty unconventional and you'll probably either love it or hate it. The cinematography is very stylish, like a music video that blew up -- with its huge overexposed colors and a cameraman on methenphetamines . As to the script: it feels like that they got a bunch of people together and started filming whatever they felt like and then dubbed over narration during the splicing and editing to make it all fit together. Don't get me wrong, though, it turned out pretty effective for whatever the hell they were trying to achieve.

This is definitely a movie you have to be in the mood for. Don't expect supercool action. Don't expect super complex plot. Expect some funky shiz and if you're so inclined (like an english major or art-house geek that likes to use the words like "existential"), all sorts of deep subtle interwoven undercurrent crap that you can read too much into. Overall, the movie is fairly entertaining if you're bored by conventional storytelling.