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 Movie Review : Anna Magdalena

Anna Magdalena   reviewed by Peter

Starring mega stars Kelly Chen, Aaron Kwok, and Takeshi Kaneshiro, "Anna Magdalana", was NOT your classic two guys one girl love triangle. In addition, to these three stars, there were also plenty of cameo appearances by other hk superstars such as Anita Yuen, Jacky Cheung(singer), and Leslie Cheung.

In the movie, Aaron plays a jobless heartbreaker that befriends, well more like mooches off the reponsible piano tuner, Takeshi. Basically, Aaron becomes Takeshi's unwanted roommate. Then, Kelly enters into this movie as the piano playing tennant upstairs. Then, the usual love-hate, secret crush thingy plays on...

The movie was presented like a concert or perhaps opera play. There were four acts. In addition, there were segways like a Tarantino movie, such as Reservoir Dogs, as the movie just totally switch into another story. These segways were interesting, but I felt that it was in appropriate and actually quite stupid. Well, part of the segways were good, but it was basically a bit too long and just totally shortened the main story in terms of time. It would have better to shortened these segways.

The best part of the movie was the music. Throughout the film, J.S Bach's piano tune "Anna Magdalena" (I think) was the center of attention. This tune was actually incorporated into a hit song by Kelly Chen. Besides the music, Kelly Chen was also mesmorizing. She was quite enchanting. I would definitely recommend this film for all Kelly fans. As for the movie itself, I find it subpar and did not meet my expectations or anticipations. In any case, it only costs $2 to rent it at your local chinese video store. I wouldn't recommend buying this VCD or DVD unless you're a Kelly fan.