Rants by EMP

    First off, let me just say that the job is getting better. It has been less stressful this past few weeks. Now, let the bashing begin.

    I guess when my work is nice and relaxing, my home environment becomes turbulent and crazy. My fucking roommate is getting on my nerves again. This time its just 10 times more intense than before. I truly hate this guy. I went to the kitchen to clean some shit as i decided to clean my dishwashing brush by soaking it in a beaker. That old man, the blind bat that can't drive, was there eating his shit. I was like, "man, my brush is dirty as hell." Then, he just went off on a rampage. He was all, its not me, I don't use ur shit, in a yelling manner. And, went and brought out some brilopads to prove that it is his. This was a previous incident, when i had thought that the brilow pad, that he claimed to be his is actually mine. I was like, you can have it, here is more cuz i don't like those anyways. He persist on saying that is his at that other occasion. I was like, I don't care, you can have all these as well, just don't use the ones i just bought to clean your oily ass pans. He just persist, and i was like, fuck it. Now, this time, he took out more of those brilow pad to say it was his. I was like, I don't care. He just went off. Started showing me his toaster and other garbage to demonstrate that he has stuff i suppose, some old ass junkyard stuff. I was like, what that fuck. And, he was like yelling. I was just laughing. This guy has gone insane.

    Motherfuck then started to lecture me. I was like, what is this shit. He was all, the landlord is too lenient on you, you leave the lights on all over the place. I was like, how much rent u pay. Motherfuck, I know how much u pay cuz i saw the yahoo ad the landlord listed. I'm paying like almost $100 more than u, so shut the fuck up. I'm paying ur util bill. And, cooking uses more fucking energy than anything else. Who the hell in this house cooks every fucking day. Who is the unemployed one that is here 24/7. Motherfuck, you better realize u the bastard thats running up the util. Anyways, then, he was all, you waste rice. You should not leave the rice cooker on. It wastes energy and you end up wasting the rice. Look at the rice in the sink. That just got me laughing so hard inside. What the fuck is with this china-mainlander poor ass farmer motherfuck. There was like 1 tablespoon of rice in the sink. Man, the whole bag of rice cost me $4 and I bought it almost 6 month ago, there is still half a bag left. That was just pathetic. He is straight out of those poor ass commies from those gong li movies i had to watch for asian american studies. Like "To Live". Got damn backstabbing, cheating cheap-ass lying commies. He is straight out of the movie.

    This guy is just straight up pathetic. Let's break it down. I don't care if he has an eye problem. No holds bar. Just examine this dickheads life. He is 40something or 50. No car, no job, no girl, no money, no friends, balding, blind, can't fucking speak english properly, and no life. God, why don't he just kill himself now. Speaking of which, I actually initiated that conversation to fuck with him. I was like, how old do u want to live til. At least I didnt go, why are you alive? What are you living for? You got absolutely nothing. A trip to the grocery store is your whole day. Motherfuck was going to the library to use the computer cuz he was too cheap to buy one. And, he finally build a freaking pentium100. Oh my freaking god. Even too cheap to go buy a case and monitor. Motherfuck mooch off the landlord for the case and 14" monitor. That's just fucking sad. What exactly is he living for? Just die die die die die!!!!!!!