Rants by EMP

    Was just reading what i wrote yesterday, guess i was a little pissed. Well, it was all cuz the landlord was telling me to take the shower or use the bathroom earlier. He was all, the other two people can't sleep when you use the bathroom at night. Man, that just ticked me off. It just lid the fire. I see all these nice places on yahoo classifieds. Just waiting for the right time.

    I just got cable modem all set up. The main thing is that moving is just a bitch. It takes like 2 month to get adjusted to the new place. I been here since october. At first, it was just temporary until i find a better place. Then, I just got comfortable. This place basically is nothing compare to my old place. I was getting adjusted until one of the roommates left and this new dude move in. It was allright as we all had silent agreements on the scheduling for the bathroom. This new guy just came and mess everything up. When he first got here i had to wait for the bathroom every morning. After a couple weeks, I decided to just sleep a little bit more. End up getting to work like 15min later than before. Then, the cooking thing just got so annoying. My room is right next to the kitchen, and when he cooks, my room be stinking. Still, the bathroom is the main problem. On two occasions, i just went to the backyard and piss on the fence as i couldn't wait for the bathroom anymore. Last saturday morning I was waiting for the bathroom for almost 2 hours.

    This bathroom thing is just a big issue. I never had problems when i was sharing a bathroom with two girls before. When i first move in, it was just nasty. There were pubic hair all over the floor. I was grossed out. When my gf was here, she had to get sandals for the bathroom. The other thing was that the shower runs out of hot water after someone uses it. The person that follows would have to take a cold shower or wait half an hour. This first happen when my gf took a shower after me. That's when I found out about this. Anyways, enough of this bullshit. No sense in keep on bitching about this situation.

    For some reason, I feel so tire all the time these days. Maybe cuz I'm just getting old. Maybe cuz i just watching the clock at work. I mean, I think im sleeping alot more these days. Yet, when i get home, I just want to lie on my bed and watch tv all night. Now, I'm trying to get back into this site again and do some more daily updates. Since, I ain't coding everyday at work, I find coding at home on a limited basis more enjoyable. It's not a chore like before. Hence, the long hiatis. Well, I was also running this other site and making daily updates on that one as well.

    I think it might be this environment. The people here. I basically just go to my room and lock the door. Not gonna be hanging out with my roommates here. No way. I think it is probably time to look for another place and get out of here. I need to get some nice young girl roommates like before. Else, just get a place by myself. Just gotta wait a little bit longer. It's just too soon to move. I just got my cable modem for one month. Want to use it for at least 3 more month and get all the discounts before cancelling it.