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Different Types of Korean Girls
button.gif (45 bytes) Ajuma's
ajuma.gif (2898 bytes)Extra thick layers of Amorean cosmetics and circling the dance floor looking to score with someone their Son's age. Ajuma's are usually recently divorced women over 30 who make a startling comeback into the clubworld nightlife and singles life. Some look motherly, some are really hot but all are down and dirty to do the nasty!
button.gif (45 bytes) Gang-Pae-Nyun (Gangsta Bitches)
gungpe.gif (2660 bytes)Younger minded Girls, often confused about their real roots, sometimes perceiving that they come from other cultures such as Jamaican or Latin American. Natural habitat appears to be hanging around parking lots smoking, playing pool, and crusing around in someone else's jacked up car. Beat up her boyfriend and she's yours.
button.gif (45 bytes) FOB (fresh off the boat)
fob.gif (2482 bytes)Indigenous to Koreatowns since they are extremely vulnerable outside Koreatown territory (their ability to communicate with other habitants diminishes vastly). FOBs are Korean girls that came fresh off the beehangee (KAL). Warning: If you are reading this from Korea, you are the FOB. Please disregard!!!
button.gif (45 bytes) Gold Diggers - "If we don't get the Prada, you ain't gettin Nada!"
digger.gif (2797 bytes)Seems to have a new Chanel bag for each day of the week, Necessary hunting weapons: BMW (no less than a 5 series), conveniently exposed designer labels, and a fabricated story about how you got your PhD. (Does this type of girl sound familiar to you?...It sounds a bit like my ex but she's not Korean... =P) These girls are almost always super-hot, and like Sirens, they lure unsuspecting men into a hellworld of non-stop Jewellery shopping and credit card maxing. Expensive hookers.
button.gif (45 bytes) Church Girls
church.gif (2530 bytes)The only girls who leave the club sober at 11:30pm. They are easily distinguishable from the rest as these are the only korean girls who do not smoke. (Damn, I HaTe bitches who smoke!) These are the all around good girls that your mother would smile about (and probably exchange cooking recipes with).
WARNING: These girls can turn you around from your life of drugs, booze, & animal worshipping and take away the party forever as you live a regular Ned Flanders lifestyle.

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button.gif (45 bytes)Phrases to know:
Dhwee hae ahn ja - Let's Go To The back Seat
Sarang Hae Yo - I love you
Ah jeek sool ahn chee hae suh? -  Are you drunk yet?
Ani? Gurum Chingu eesuh? - No? Then Do you have any friends?
Nuh Hah go ja go sheep oh. - I want to sleep with you.
Nae ga nuh jut gae mahn dul oh? - Do I make you horny baby? Well do I?
Nuh Ahrum da wuh - You are beautiful
Bulgogee mahn dul soo eet suh? - Can you cook Bulgogi?
Oht buh suh - Take off your clothes
Noraebang gal lae? - Do you want to go Karaoke? (very popular)
Nah Benzu Eets-suh - I have a Benz
Nol Jah - Let's Play (go out and party etc...)
Soo gahp eets-suh? - Do you have handcuffs?
Whae nah ul gul dae ryut suh? - Why did you slap me?
Sool sah jul guh? - Can I buy you a drink?
Benti Eebus-suh? - Are you wearing any underwear?
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Hot Clubs in Koreatown LA.

button.gif (45 bytes) Flamingos
Location: 6th and St Andrews.
Ducats: minimum $220.00
Target Age Group: 16-23
Comments: Younger girls dressed to impress (make sure you always check for ID... seriously) Flamingos has lively music a little more upbeat than other clubs.

button.gif (45 bytes) Velfarre
Location: Serrano and 6th.
Ducats: minimum $230.00
Target Age Group: 18-25
Comments: Lots of beautiful single girls, good music, largest Korean club on the West Coast.

button.gif (45 bytes) Kar Nak
Location: Willshire Blvd and Catalina
Ducats: minimum $250.00
Target Age Group: 21-30
Comments: Music is a little more "mature" with a live band and lots of drinking tables. Higher overall "I Got Laid" stories per night than Velfarre.

button.gif (45 bytes) Express
Location: La Brea and Willshire
Ducats: minimum $230.00
Target Age Group: 30-45
Comments: Ajuma and Ajushi (male for of ajuma) gather here. A classy place powered by Viagra and Crown Royal.
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button.gif (45 bytes) Click here for info on how to pick up a Japanese Girl...
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