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First, before we continue here are proven techniques for picking up girls in a few popular areas of Tokyo.

Roppongi Girls -The most evil accursed women to ever walk the Earth. Turn your back for a sec and they've switched boyfriends. Why do they do this? Easy... they are evil people who live to start fights among all the Sailors and Gaijin. How are they picked up? Walk into a club and just stand there . They will come to you. Gas Panic is a good start - 9/9? Of course! Another proven technique is to look "taken" and they will suddenly wish to steal you from your current women. We believe constant exposure to the hated Roppongi "flyer-people" has slowly molded them into the corrupt beings that they are. Do not use the "Me ... Jim, Me... like ... Tokyo, Nice ... Tokyo" approach as they all speak fluent Englais.

Shibuya Girls - Also known as the "Look at my new Prada bag" girls. Dyed hair, tiny voices, mini skirts and Namie-tans (sounds like my fuckin ex girlfriend...). How do I get one? Stuff your pocket with a roll of newspaper and stick 10000 yen bills on the outsides flashing it left and right. Proven time and time again. A new update. Tokoto has given us an important tip to our quest. Apparently claiming to work in "Omotte-Sando" is a big plus!

Shinjuku Girls - Very similar in appearance to Shibuya girls. The best proven technique to date is to walk through Shinjuku with a dog (preferrably a puppy). For some reason all nasty girls will be scared away but the cuties will flock... "KAWAIIIIIII-NE!!!!!" Getting them to look at you instead of the dog is still under experimentation. Warning!!! Do not insult the Spice Girls. Even though us guys know better, it is a very touchy area for most Shinjuku Girls.

Meguro Girls - Cute and simple looking girls that are coincidentally the fastest walkers in the world. Various techniques were attempted at approaching them but with no foreseeable results. Tried the "I'm lost do you have a map in your bedroom" and even the popular "It's a nice day today can I have your number?" but nothing...Research in this area continues. Perhaps making 1000 business cards saying "You are the only one for me!" might be effective but untested thus far.

Akihabara Girls - If you are looking for girls in Akihabara you have absolutely no clue. Unless of course they're inflatable.


Classic One Liners & Phrases.... A MUST!!

Poketto-ni futon-ga hait-teru

I have a futon in my pocket.


Onwards to the Love Hotel!

Kimi-te honto-ni kirei-dane

You're really pretty.

Mae-ni atta-koto aru?

Don't I know you from somewhere?

Ichiman-en kashite-kureru?

Can I borrow 10,000 yen?

Kino-watakusan nomisugita-ne?

You drank too much last night didn't you?


I scored (when playing a girl for sex)

Kimi-no-koto igai-wa kangaerarenai

I can't live without your love.

Koko-ja hito-ni miechau-yo

People can see us here.

Bakku shito-ni suwaro

Let's get in the back seat.

Ima Shiyo

Let's do it now.

Kimi-to netai

I wan't to make love to you.

Nani iro-no shitagi-o tsuketeru-no?

What color is your underwear? (If she replies "brown", leave immediately!)

Hinin-suru-no wasurechatta

I forgot to use protection.

Shikkusu-nain suki

Let's do the sixty-nine.

Bakku-de shiyo

Let's do it doggy style.

Shinken-ni naritakunai.

I don't want to get serious.

Kimi-to-dewa shigeki-teki-ja nain-da

You don't excite me anymore.

Kimi-wa beddo-de yokunai.

You aren't any good in bed.

Dare-ga onara-shita?

Who blew a fart?

Itsu kekkon-shitai?

When do you want to get married?

Suitaru-ga ii-na

You have a nice figure.

Shitagi-o totte

Take your underwear off.

Boko-no me-o mite

Look into my eyes.

Boku-ga hoshii-nowa kimi-dake

Your the only one I want.

Shinu-hodo aishiteru

I love you so much i could die.

Doko-no kurejitto kado-ga tsukaemasu-ka?

Which credit cards do you accept?

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