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Tips and Tricks on picking up Asian Women

Do you like Asian girls? Now you're thinking, "No shit...who doesn't right?" Well welcome to the club kids... Men, women, children, & animals across America are coming to know what men in Hawaii have known for decades: Asian women are f!@#$n awesome! From their silky black hair to their lithe, toned bodies and delicate features, Asian women are #1 on my hit list! But then again, I've lived in Hawaii all of my life....     =P

Approaching different types of girls requires different tactics. Being less than successful myself on the club-scene battlefield, I've contacted the seasoned hardened pros (Ni$H) for some tips as well as some funky one liners in "Hangul" (Korean) that might help the situation a little. Stay tuned...
A guide to picking up women in Japan, including pick up lines and common phrases which may help to get you in there, or get you slapped hard trying. Phrases range from cute pick up lines to pretty direct and downright dirty. Please be respectful towards our Japanese queens and try to use them tastefully on the innocent ones.