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 Jokes : Secret Dirty Girl Talk

Secret Dirty Girl Talk  from Jennifer

ladylike euphemisms women use when they talk about sex

CLAM DIGGING - When a man fumbles about her underwear or under her skirt

A DRIVE-BY - Intercourse that did not bring her to orgasm; variation "just browsing"

"HE MADE ME SING A CAPPELLA" - Said of a man who wasn't just browsing

PHONING IT IN - Faking an orgasm

SINGING INTO THE MIKE - Fellatio; variations: giving lollipop; kissing the captain

MOISTURIZER - A very attractive man

SATURATER - An extremely attractive man

"I'M STUCK TO THE CHAIR" - What a woman says when ...oh, you figure it out

T.H.O (TITTY HARD-ON) - Sweeter version of "I'm stuck"

CATATONIC CLIT - The female equivalent of blue balls; "bellyache" is accepted in polite company

7-UP - An erection

MISS TINGLE - Her clitoris; variations: ground zero, mini-me

THE TWINS - Her breasts; variations: the pups, the purple mountains majesty

"HE'S ON THE SLOW BOAT TO 'GINA" - Said of a man not likely to see any action